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Virtual Visits

Step by step instructions on how to use justmiine to schedule a Virtual Visit. To begin, have your mobile device or tablet on hand.

How to schedule a Virtual Visit


Step 1

Navigate to the Doctor's Office tab

After arriving on Activities screen, navigate to the Doctor's Office tab using the bottom nav bar.


Step 3

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Within this section, you'll see any future Virtual Visits and be able to schedule a new one. To schedule a new Virtual Visit, follow the button at the bottom of the screen. 


Step 5

Select an available time 

Based on the schedule for the day, select an available time slot from the options presented.


Step 7

Your Virtual Visit is confirmed

After submitting your request, the appointment will be confirmed.


Step 2

Tap on the Virtual Visit button

Once yo've arrived in the Doctor's Office, navigate to the Virtual Visits section to schedule your call.


Step 4

Select the date for your Virtual Visit

Schedule a Virtual Visit for today or for a date in the future.


Step 6

Tell us the reason for your visit

Using the text entry, type in a brief or detailed description of how you're doing and the reason for your Virtual Visit. This will give the doctor the ability to make the best use of your time together.


Step 8

Join the Virtual Visit

At the time of your Virtual Visit, you'll receive a reminder via push notification. This should appear on the homescreen of your mobile device. If not, simply navigate to the app and join the call.


miinedoctor understands that during these uncertain times, many patients have delayed receiving the care they need due to following the “stay-at-home” orders. Our mission is to ensure that all our patients have access to healthcare in the safest manner possible.

Doctor and Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our practice and the services we provide.

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